Sunday Sprint Week 6

It was a fuller Sunday schedule then we’ve seen in the last few weeks, which I don’t think anyone is complaining about. Despite the abundance of games, the Jets were still the most deplorable show on Earth, but more on that later…

Tennessee Titans 42- Houston Texans 36

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Though Josh Norman is still recovering from Derrick Henry’s stiff-arm, Henry had his sights set on his next victim: the Houston Texans in overtime. The offence was free flowing on Sunday afternoon, with Tennessee putting up a franchise record 601 yards to Houston’s 335, setting the stage for an extra frame. Henry’s second touchdown of the day (his first being a 94 yard run) capped off the Titans’ comeback and kept them undefeated. 

Baltimore Ravens 30- Philadelphia Eagles 28

For all intents and purposes, the Ravens should have had this one in the bag, given the ineptitude of the Eagles offence and their plethora of injuries. Instead, it came down to the Baltimore defence having to shutdown a two-point conversion with less than two minutes remaining in order to avoid the upset. After being shut out in the first half, the Eagles came soaring back in the second, and went off for 22 points in the fourth, falling just short of a second win. 

Atlanta Falcons 40- Minnesota Vikings 23

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Any team looking to get off the schnide (we’re looking at you New York Jets) should just automatically fire their coach. Seriously, both Houston and Atlanta won their first game back after firing their longtime coach. To be fair, Atlanta was heavily assisted by the fact that they were facing off against Kirk Cousins, who added three interceptions to his season total, which is now at 10. For context, we are six games in and his career high in picks was 13 in 2017, a season in which he played 16 games. Anyone smell a new personal record?

Pittsburgh Steelers 38- Cleveland Browns 7

In a textbook example of “why we play the game”, the Steelers brought the Browns back down to Earth. On paper, this was an exhilarating matchup of some of the top receiving talent in the league, with an up-and-coming team taking on a historic powerhouse. Instead, we were treated to more of Mapletron, Chase Claypool embarrassing defences and the 2019 iteration of the disjointed Browns offence. 

Indianapolis Colts 31- Cincinnati Bengals 27

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Philip Rivers finally played up to his pay-grade, calmly leading his team back from a 21-0 deficit to a much needed win. This coming on the back of a week that saw many voicing their frustrations with the notoriously streaky Rivers, while some even started calling for Jacoby Brisset. Of course, because this is Philip Rivers, he still threw a pick, but his 371 yards were an excellent way to calm the critics for at least another week. 

Detroit Lions 34- Jacksonville Jaguars 16

Matt Patricia can breathe a little easier this week after securing only a third win in 18 games. After jumping out to a big lead, Stafford remained solid and the offense saw the birth of a potential new star in D’Andre Swift. On the other side of the ball, the defence were just as, if not more, impressive, forcing turnovers in key moments and never letting Gardiner Minshew get comfortable. 

Chicago Bears 23- Carolina Panthers 16

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The 2020 Bears might be one of the most criticized and doubted 5-1 teams of recent memory. Somehow, they manage to keep winning despite putting out some questionable performances. Sunday was a slightly different story. The defense came out and looked a lot more like the Monsters of the Midway than anything we’ve seen out of Chicago in years, forcing three turnovers and bringing Teddy Bridgewater to the ground four times. Nick Foles also seemed to be rolling off the mojo he garnered after beating Tom Brady for the second time last week. 

New York Giants 20- Washington Football Team 19

Petition for the NFC East to have to relinquish their 2020 playoff spot to literally any other competent football team, whose in? The division has morphed into the laughing stock of the NFL over the last few years, and this year has done nothing but prove that these teams are really the bottom of the barrel, and the game that unfolded between these two 1-5 teams just cemented that. 

Denver Broncos 18- New England Patriots 12

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The Patriots kept the Broncos out of the end zone for the whole game…and still managed to lose. It was a frustrating game to watch for anyone who’s a fan of offence, with both teams struggling to get anything going. New England came tantalizingly close to a comeback win with their last minute drive, but ultimately couldn’t complete on a fourth and long to hand Denver the win.

Miami Dolphins 24- New York Jets 0

Opponents would have a harder time with the Jets if the Jets stayed home. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 38- Green Bay Packers 10

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The battle of the Bays was far less explosive than anyone was anticipating. The third round of Rodgers vs Brady was shaping up to be an offensive hay day given the direction that both teams have been trending in. Those hopes were quickly dashed once Green Bay went up 10-0 and then promptly disappeared. It was all Brady’s Bucs from that point on, allowing Brady to redeem himself after forgetting what down it was against the Bears. 

San Francisco 49ers 24- LA Rams 16

There were a LOT of questions surrounding the 49ers prior to kickoff given the calamity of a football game they played last week. This week, it was their turn to ask questions of the other side. Jimmy G bounced back for three touchdown passes, while making the Rams defence look lost. When it came to Jared Goff’s body of work, he simply looked off and couldn’t find a rhythm with his receivers. Their run game was strong, but sorely under used, which is something to keep an eye on going forward. 

That’s all for this week folks! Thanks for hanging out with me and running though Sunday’s action. Don’t forget to find us on Twitter or Instagram and let us know what you thought of whatever went down in the NFL.

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