NBA Draft 2020 Recap: Everything That Happened Last Night

2020 has been a bizarre year for everyone, including the world of sports. March Madness was halted, no training camp, and no summer league for the rookies of this year’s draft class. Regardless, this year was full of talent, so let’s see who got drafted!

First Round:

Top 5 Picks

1. Minnesota Timberwolves

Select: Anthony Edwards, University of Georgia

“It’s an indescribable feeling…I’m just blessed to be in this situation.”

Anthony Edwards

2. Golden State Warriors

Select: James Wiseman, University of Memphis

“Going through this adversity made me stronger as a person…to work harder everyday.”

James Wiseman

3. Charlotte Hornets

Select: LaMelo Ball, Chino Hills, California 

4. Chicago Bulls

Select: Patrick Williams, Florida State University

“Dreams bigger than Draft Night, there is work to be done…I want to learn as much as I can.”

Patrick Williams

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

Select: Isaac Okoro, Auburn University

A lot of people and analysts had Edwards, Wiseman, and Ball somewhere in the top three. These top 5 picks are great pickups, and each one of them knows how hard they’ve worked to get here, and they are eager to prove themselves.

Emotional Highlights

Although the event was virtual, we were still able to see the emotions of each player as they got chosen. The reactions of their families and themselves was endearing. Here are a few of the best quotes from various picks:

Onyeka Okongwu, University of Southern California

Okongwu was a heavy favorite among fans and analysts, with some comparing him to Bam Adebayo. He has the potential to become a successful big in the league, and here is what he had to say when he got selected by the Hawks:

“I don’t even know what to say right now…I worked my tail off to be here.”

Onyeka Okongwu

Devin Vassell, Florida State University

I had Vassell as one of my top picks, so I am glad that he got chosen by the Spurs pretty early in the first round. You could tell how much this moment meant for him, with tears filling his eyes and this meaningful remark:

“It was a lot of hard work, dedication. A lot of people looked down on me but I knew what I was putting in.”

Devin Vassell

Tyrese Maxey, University of Kentucky

Many teams probably had their eyes on Tyrese Maxey, but it was the 76ers who picked him up at number 21. Maxey’s scoring ability made him a valuable target, and he knows his capabilities:

“I trust myself, I put the work in.”

Tyrese Maxey

Second Round:

At this stage of the draft, Shams and Woj were popping off on Twitter. Even though the broadcast was a few picks behind, you were able to see ahead. This was pretty controversial, but in case you missed it, here are some of the second round picks:

Trading Chaos

Of course, as with any tight deadline, there was a bit of chaos surrounding various teams trading their picks live. It all happened very quickly, so here’s what you may have missed:

The Drip

Last but certainly not least, it wouldn’t be draft night without rating some outfits. Let’s look at some of the sharpest and funkiest outfits, and decide for yourself which one is the winner. (My pick for the winner is Tyrese Haliburton, by the way)

Not going to lie, some of these drips were real nice.

Moving Forward

Now that the draft is over, these guys are ready to get to work with their respective teams. All 60 rookies can bring something to the table that their team needs. Nonetheless, players who went undrafted have already begun signing deals with certain teams. Take inspiration from the Raptors head office, who have found many undrafted gems, despite having low picks in the draft. Free agency is set to start tomorrow with official signings starting Sunday, and we await to hear more big news as teams continue to construct themselves in the offseason.

Congratulations to all the draft picks in this year’s NBA Draft!

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