The Return of Isobel

Back in January, the six teams that make the NWHL were in Lake Placid. After not playing for nearly a year, these teams were able to gather in a safe place to battle for the best award in their NWHL career, The Isobel Cup. 11 days into the playoffs, the bubble burst and all teams had to go home and the semi-final and final games weren’t played. The 2020-2021 Isobel Playoffs was seen to have no winner of the Isobel Cup. Until today.

On March 8th, the NWHL announced the 2020-2021 season will resume the Isobel Cup Playoffs March 26-27.  They will be taking place in Brighton, Massachusetts at Warrior Ice Arena. The championship games will be broadcasted NBCSN. This broadcast will be the first women’s professional hockey league championship on national television.

The first game to be played will be the Boston Pride hosting the Toronto Six on home ice at 5pm EST, followed by the Minnesota Whitecaps against the Connecticut Whale at 7pm EST. The winners of these two games will then face each other for the Isobel Cup. There will be no fans in attendance for any of these games.

Published by Maddie

Hi my name is Maddie! I attended my very first hockey game when I was 4. I wish I remembered the game but the memory that comes to mind was thinking the mascot was going to eat me. I ended up going to my 2nd one a few years later and absolutely loved it. It was a Rapid City Rush game and I begged my dad to buy me a jersey when we went. When I was in 8th grade, I had to create a sports team for a project that was assigned in my computer class. I don't remember why I chose women's hockey, but I do remember the absolute frustration that came with researching. It took me forever to find information on players, their salaries, literally everything. What I noticed that with male athletes, you get it all. Right on the first page. I want to use my writing to give a light to women's hockey. A light that will let this league grow into more than just six teams. This league inspires young girls everyday to stay in a sport that love and care about. I want my writing to help this league grow, one article at a time.

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