Hockey in the South: Day Three Round-Up

Hockey in the South: Day 3

Howdy y’all and welcome back to Unbenched’s Hockey in the South event!  There were two matchups today and it began with the Czech Republic and Finland in Pool B.  In Pool A, we had a matchup of Canada and Latvia. Let’s get into it!

Czech Republic vs Finland

Within 30 seconds of the first round, Czech’s very own Gabriel Szturc scored, assisted by Jaroslav Chmelar, making the score 1-0 Czech Republic. Finland’s Verner Miettinen caught a two-minute penalty for tripping shortly after.  About 3 minutes later, Szturc’s teammate Matej Pinkas joined him on the board, making the score 2-0 Czech Republic. After 11 minutes, Finland made it on the board with a goal made by Ville Koivunen. It was assisted by his two teammates Aleksi Heimosalmi and Viljami Juusola. Czech Republic’s Jiri Tichacek received a two-minute penalty for holding, making it Czech’s first penalty of the game.  The board was 2-1 for the rest of the first round.

The second round of the game had more penalties than goals this time. David Jiricek received two minutes for delaying the game. Finland made two goals in rows, both by different shooters. Miko Matikka had his goal assisted by Viljami Juusola and Niko Huuhtanen; Aleksi Heimosalmi received no assistance. The score was 2-3, with Finland leading the game.  Simon Marha from Czech changed that with his goal assisted by David Moravec and Martin Rysavy. The rest of this round had 3 penalties gifted, all served by the Czech Republic. The longest was 10 minutes and it was served by Jakub Kos for misconduct.

The final round of the game began with David Moravec making the first goal of the period, having the Czech Republic lead 4-3. His teammate Jakub Altrichter scored, along with the assists of Lukas Pajer and Jakub Brabenec.  The score is now 5-3. Czech is in the clear or so they thought.  Samu Tuomaala began the Finland comeback, scoring a goal assisted by Jimi Suomi and Brad Lambert. The board is now 5-4 and there are a few minutes left in the period. While Marha Simon was serving time for too many players on the ice, Samu Salminen from Finland scored, making the board 5-5. From the looks of it, this game could go into overtime. Samu Salminen may not be a big fan of overtime, because he scored the last goal of the game, making the score 5-6 for Finland.

Finland takes the dub for the day.

Now let’s move to Pool A!

Canada vs Latvia

The first round began with no goals but seven penalties. Latvia served five while Canada only had to serve two. The longest penalty in this period was 10 minutes and it was served by Vladimirs Zaicevs for misconduct. Canada’s two penalties were only two minutes. Danny Zhilkin was called for hooking and Chase Stillman was called for tripping. The period ended with Latvia’s Girts Silkalns getting called for tripping and serving two minutes.

 The start of the second round began with penalties as well but Logan Stankoven scored the first goal of the game, putting Canada on the board 1-0. He was assisted by Olen Zellweger. Mason McTavish scored not that long after his teammate, the score now 2-0. Anri Ravinskis put Latvia on the board, making the score 2-1. There were few penalties served this round but now there are points on the board.

Its now the last round of the game. The score is 2-1. Canada is in the lead, and with any team in the lead, you know they want this game cleared out quickly. Dylan Guenther scores for Canada with Mason McTavish assisting. The score is 3-1. There is still time in the period for Latvia to lead the game.  Sandis Vilman scores three minutes after Guenther with no assistance making the score 3-2. There is a possibility for Latvia to score and take the game into overtime. Mason McTavish ruins this chance and scores with the assistance of Bedard Connor and Dylan Guenther. The score is now 4-2 and Latvia takes out their goaltender.

Canada takes the game 4-2.

We here at Unbenched will be here every day for a round-up of all of the previous day’s events. Games can be streamed off of the IIHF website and or on TSN in Canada and NHL Network for the USA.

Published by Maddie

Hi my name is Maddie! I attended my very first hockey game when I was 4. I wish I remembered the game but the memory that comes to mind was thinking the mascot was going to eat me. I ended up going to my 2nd one a few years later and absolutely loved it. It was a Rapid City Rush game and I begged my dad to buy me a jersey when we went. When I was in 8th grade, I had to create a sports team for a project that was assigned in my computer class. I don't remember why I chose women's hockey, but I do remember the absolute frustration that came with researching. It took me forever to find information on players, their salaries, literally everything. What I noticed that with male athletes, you get it all. Right on the first page. I want to use my writing to give a light to women's hockey. A light that will let this league grow into more than just six teams. This league inspires young girls everyday to stay in a sport that love and care about. I want my writing to help this league grow, one article at a time.

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