Sunday Sprint Week 5

Keep your eye on Indeed as quite a few NFL teams could be in the market for a kicker after this week’s calamitous showing by the position group as a whole. Until then, read all about it!

Atlanta Falcons 27- New York Jets 20

You could have injected the Jets with the same amount of fuel it took to get them across the pond for this one and it still wouldn’t have been enough for the win. Before New York seemed to adjust to the time difference, Atlanta was up by 17 and it was just too deep of a hole for Zach Wilson to come out of. Even with the transatlantic flight home, there still won’t be enough time to pass the blame around the Jets to everyone who deserves a share: you have Zach Wilson and his 65 passing yards before garbage time, then there’s the entire defence who didn’t seem to want to get off the field when they forced a third down, and add to that the coaching staff who had a bad day (and that’s putting it nicely). Seriously…whose idea was it to have a defensive lineman guard Atlanta’s unicorn Kyle Pitts in the end zone?

New England Patriots 25- Houston Texans 22

Did you really think Bill Belichick was gonna lose to a rookie quarterback named Davis? (I mean I know it got touchy for a hot second there but still…)

Minnesota Vikings 19- Detroit Lions 17

Dan Campbell wanted his team to break knees this season but instead they’re getting their hearts broken. The Lions are the first team in NFL history to lose on a 50+ yard field goal as time expired twice in one season, and it’s only been five games. Oh yeah and they’re still winless…

Philadelphia Eagles 21- Carolina Panthers 18

Just like their CGI panther from their home opener, Carolina’s success seems to be but an illusion. After starting the season 3-0 the Panthers have been exposed in back to back weeks by NFC East teams. 

New Orleans Saints 33- Washington Football Team 22

It’s no secret that there are two Jameis Winstons that play in the NFL, one who can find ways to make magic happen en route to the endzone and the other who couldn’t find his receiver if they were in the same smart car. Luckily for the Saints, it was the former who showed up on Sunday and he showed up BIG. Winston threw for four touchdowns including a 72-yard bomb and a Hail Mary, all in all not a bad day’s work. 

Tennessee Titans 37- Jacksonville Jaguars 19

Urban Meyer’s mind was clearly on a different blonde than his QB this Sunday as Jacksonville put out another dismal effort from all perspectives. Sure, there’s not much you can do when Derrick Henry stiff arms one of your defenders into last century before running in three touchdowns, but you could at least PRETEND to be a competent football team. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 45- Miami Dolphins 17

Tom Brady has suffered more career losses to the Dolphins than any other franchise but something tells me that wasn’t what was on his mind on Sunday. Brady seemed intent on having his swashbuckling band of pirates rob the Dolphins (and their fans) of their will to live. Mission accomplished. 

Green Bay Packers 25- Cincinnati Bengals 22

Picture what a football game that had more missed field goals than made ones would look like? We’re all thinking little peewee kids whose helmets turn them into bobble heads right? Nobody would think it would be a game with a Hall of Fame caliber kicker right? Surprise, that’s exactly what happened between Green Bay and Cincy, where there were a combined five missed kicks, but really did we ever doubt Mason Crosby?

Pittsburgh Steelers 27- Denver Broncos 19

I’m not sure if Denver got lost on their way down the mountain to Pittsburgh but they were nowhere to be seen until the fourth quarter, which spoiler alert, is too late to show up to an NFL game regardless of who you’re playing. Pittsburgh may have been trending south this year but on a day where Chase Claypool looks like Mapletron and Najee Harris shows up as advertised, you become a hard team to beat.

Chicago Bears 20- Las Vegas Raiders 9

In his first start since officially being given the reins to the Bears, Justin Fields got it done. Are any of his plays going to make the highlight reel? No, but more importantly they won’t make the blooper reel either. It was the Chicago defence that stunned on Sunday, absolutely shutting down a team that, for a minute, was looking like a serious playoff threat. All of a sudden, Vegas has lost two straight and have not looked all that intimidating in the process. 

Los Angeles Chargers 47- Cleveland Browns 42

Only the Cleveland Browns could rack up 535 yards of offence and five touchdowns and still find a way to lose. All jokes aside, this was one of the most entertaining football games of recent memory and has serious potential to go down as game of the year. Oh, and Justin Herbert? Yeah, the kid’s a pretty good player, throwing for 398 yards, four touchdowns, and no interceptions. The future of the NFL is in good hands. 

Dallas Cowboys 44- New York Giants 20

Our thoughts are with anyone who had a New York Giant on their fantasy roster. 

Arizona Cardinals 17- San Francisco 49ers 10

Are the Arizona Cardinals the best team in the NFL? Don’t tell them they’re not, as they move to 5-0 to stay undefeated on the year and take a stranglehold on their division. Full credit to Kyler Murray and DHop for getting it done on offence but the most impressive piece of this team is the defence. From the defensive line highlighted by Chandler Jones and JJ Watt back to the secondary controlled by Budda Baker there isn’t an offensive coordinator in the league that would call them an easy game plan.

Buffalo Bills 38- Kansas City Chiefs 20

There was more electricity in the sky than there was running through a usually high-octane Chiefs offence. The fact of the matter is that since their Super Bowl thrashing this team has not looked like the future-dynasty it was hailed to be. Another fact? The Buffalo Bills are a good football team and Josh Allen is giving us no choice but to include him in the MVP conversation. Tonight’s outing was confirmation that not only are the Bills for real, but that Patrick Mahomes is not invincible.

What was your game of the week? Let us know on Twitter @unbenched_ and let me know if I went after your favourite team a little too hard @caseyydobson_

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