Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2021 Qualifications Day 1

This year has been an exciting one for gymnastics lovers, as both the summer Olympics and Artistic Gymnastics World Championships are taking place in the same year. Usually, this does not occur, as the World Championships are scheduled only in non-Olympic years. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, both events ended up taking place in 2021. This year is the 50th World Championships and the competition is being held in Kitakyushu, Japan.

The women’s qualifications started off the event on Monday, October 18th with 7 out of 10 subdivisions competing throughout the day. The results at the end of the day had Leanne Wong from the United States in first place all-around with a score of 55.749, followed closely by fellow American Kayla DiCello who had 55.700 points.

Both Wong and DiCello were selected as alternates for the Tokyo Olympics. Although they did not get the chance to compete this summer, both gymnasts are showcasing their talents now at the World Championships. Hitomi Hatakeda from Japan currently holds the third place position with a score of 53.798. Canadian gymnast Rose Woo from Quebec currently stands at 15th in the all-around placements.

The women’s qualifications are set to continue tomorrow with the final three subdivisions taking the stage along with the first two subdivisions of the men’s qualifications. Notable athletes competing tomorrow are Russia’s Angelina Melnikova and Brazil’s Rebeca Andrade. Melnikova had an outstanding performance at the summer Olympics, helping team Russia win the gold medal and earning a bronze medal herself in the all-around category.

Andrade’s Olympics were equally as exciting. She made history in Tokyo being the first Brazilian woman to win a medal in artistic gymnastics when she placed 2nd to USA’s Suni Lee in the all-around final. Given their stellar achievements just a few months ago, both of these women are ones to watch going into this competition.

Check back with Unbenched for more updates on the 50th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships!

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