Sunday Sprint Week 8

We are officially more than halfway through the regular season and things just do not get more predictable. Think you know who led the league in passing yards this week? You don’t, but you will if you keep reading!

Carolina Panthers 19- Atlanta Falcons 13

Stephon Gilmore appeared to be just want the doctor ordered for the most unpredictable team of the year. After starting the season undefeated, the Panthers had been on a four game losing skid until the perennial Pro Bowler suited up for the side. His effortless way of shutting down unicorn Kyle Pitts bolstered the defence to an impressive showing that the still CMC-less offence was able to support. Could this be a turning point? Probably not but it’s fun to speculate. 

Tennessee Titans 34- Indianapolis Colts 31

After the last few weeks, Carson Wentz was making good progress on making me eat my words about how he is turning out to be a bust. But we can always count on Carson to revert back to old ways, typically in the form of humiliating turnovers (the dick pick anyone?) and well folks, he did it again. Luckily for him, an undisciplined Titans squad gave up a penalty that pushed the game to overtime so the loss wasn’t ENTIRELY his fault but I mean…he quite literally threw the game away with this week’s blooper. 

Buffalo Bills 26- Miami Dolphins 11

The Bills looked about as human as they have since their opening day loss to the Steelers, to the point where if they were playing anyone other than Miami there would have been serious cause for concern. Luckily for them, their blunder-filled first half just meant they had to break a little bit of a sweat in the second half to secure a win from the flippers of their foes. 

New York Jets 34- Cincinnati Bengals 31

Some dude named Mike White in a Jets jersey led the NFL in passing yards for Week 8 on his way to beating a team that had just spanked the high-flying Ravens…do with that information what you will. 

Pittsburgh Steelers 15- Cleveland Browns 10

When Myles Garrett showed up to the fresh out of his quarterback graveyard in his Grim Reaper cape, you figured this could be a bloodbath (or a helmet-swinging brawl because well…you know) but what we got was anything but that. An incredibly average day from both quarterbacks felt more like a trick than the treat fans were promised when buying tickets to this Halloween matchup, where the most notable occurrence was actually an injury to kicker Chris Boswell after attempting a fake field goal. 

Philadelphia Eagles 44- Detroit Lions 6

After all they’ve endured this year it seemed like it was finally time for the Detroit Lions to dress up as a competent football team. But this game was on Halloween so what we got was a bunch of guys running around in the outfits with none of the discernible skills of a pro football player. 

Los Angeles Rams 38- Houston Texans 22

The Rams scored on six of their first eight possessions and racked up 18 first downs in the first half alone so all I want to know is when do we get to relegate the Texans to the CFL?

San Francisco 49ers 33- Chicago Bears 22

For the sake of football, fire Matt Nagy. Please. We’re begging. 

New England Patriots 27- Los Angeles Chargers 24

Adrian Phillips clearly saw Pats Nation yearning for Stephon Gilmore during the early window of games and clearly wanted to remind the fan base that this team has a knack for defensive breakout stars. Mission accomplished. 

Seattle Seahawks 31- Jacksonville Jaguars 7

Time to play “Is Geno Smith a competent NFL quarterback or was he playing the Jaguars?”

Denver Broncos 17- Washington Football Team 10

Things that need to be found in Washington:

  1. A name
  2. A quarterback who can score more than 14 points
  3. A defence that can make opposing quarterbacks break a sweat
  4. A win

Dallas Cowboys 20- Minnesota Vikings 16

Cooper Rush benefited massively from the fact that his first NFL start came against Kirk Cousins in prime time because we all know if there’s one thing Kirk DOESN’T like is the bright lights and national media attention. The spotlight didn’t seem to phase the new kid though, who went off for 325 yards and two touchdowns, and most importantly a win without Dak Prescott.

What was your favourite (or most painful) moment from Week 8? Let us know on socials!

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