Sunday Sprint Week 11

It’s the eleventh hour in the league and things are heating up. Let’s take a look at this Sunday’s scores…

Baltimore Ravens 17- Chicago Bears 13

Baltimore ended the game with their backup, and so did Chicago except it was their starter who was made their backup when their drafted QB became the number one…following? Anyways it doesn’t matter Baltimore won and the AFC is even more confusing now than it was last week. 

Minnesota Vikings 34- Green Bay Packers 31

The Vikings said No Pack No on their way back to .500 on the season, and they did it with the reigning MVP throwing four touchdowns. The Northern rivalry has been one-sided for longer than most can remember but Kirk Cousins may have found the key to unlocking a level playing field between the squads and avoid another Aaron Rodgers’ ownership rant. 

Indianapolis Colts 41- Buffalo Bills 15

Just when the Bills thought they could call themselves the Kings of the East, they get run into by Jonathan Taylor in the same week that the New England Patriots get another win with some white dude under centre to take top seed in the division. Taylor scored more points on his own than 19 of the 28 teams to kickoff before Monday. 

Cleveland Browns 13- Detroit Lions 10

Name a more iconic duo than the Detroit Lions and fooling their fans into thinking a comeback is possible and knowing that no collection of athletes in those uniforms could actually make one happen. 

Washington Football Team 27- Carolina Panthers 21

Cam’s Carolina homecoming was not the SuperMan welcome he may have been hoping for but it was surely a sight to behold after the way things fell apart all those years ago. An even greater sight however was watching the magic flow back into the Washington offence led by Taylor Heinecke, who continues to be one of the storylines to watch this season. 

Houston Texans 22- Tennessee Titans 13

The Titans’ form of late has proved that that fanbase is one of the most obnoxious in the league so it was nice to watch them get humbled by a team that has become the laughing stock of the sport. In Tyrod Taylor’s triumphant return he reminded us why the Chargers went out and brought him in last season (before they, you know, punctured his lung), the man can make magic happen with his legs. 

Miami Dolphins 24- New York Jets 17

New starting quarterback, same New York Jets. This week we saw Joe Flacco do what Jets QBs have done most of the season, put up decent numbers only to be undercut by coaching blunders, defensive brain farts, and general ineptitude. And to be honest, if you’re going to make THIS iteration of the Dolphins look good, you should really pack your bags and head to the CFL. 

Philadelphia Eagles 40- New Orleans Saints 29

Congratulations Philly, you beat the Saints’ practice squad!

Cincinnati Bengals 32- Las Vegas Raiders 13

It may be time for the Raiders to just let this season go and start regrounding in time for 2022. After staring 4-0 and watching their off-field dynamics collapse, the on-field has started to follow. Meanwhile, the Bungles appear to be bungling no longer but we can never be too confident in this team. 

Kansas City Chiefs 19- Dallas Cowboys 9

In somewhat of a reversal of fortunes of their history, it’s the Kansas City defence that’s beginning to carry the team. It’s hard to remember a game this season that was taken over by Patrick Mahomes (I would know…he’s on my fantasy team) and while that’s been serviceable so far, it’s not exactly a recipe for success in the playoffs. 

Arizona Cardinals 23- Seattle Seahawks 13

Imagine letting Russ cook only for him to serve you the football equivalent of cold instant ramen?? That’s where Seattle fans are at after another week of questionable coaching and bone-headed plays by Jamaal Adams. Adding insult to injury was the fact that they didn’t even lose to the mighty mini Murray, it was Colt McCoy under centre for the Cardinals. 

Los Angeles Chargers 41- Pittsburgh Steelers 37

For one night and one night only, the Chargers beat the Chargers Curse; but let’s not jinx Justin Herbert before he has a chance to properly establish himself as the future of the league. A storybook ending worthy of a Hollywood classic movie adaptation, saw a team rally behind their young QB after looking like they had blown it. Only time will tell if the curse has truly been lifted.

Come back next week for another edition of the Sunday Sprint and until then make sure to follow us on socials @unbenched_

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