Sunday Sprint Week 16

And just like that the 16th Sunday has come and gone in the 2021 NFL season and we seemed to have left it with slightly more questions than answers.

Indianapolis Colts 22- Arizona Cardinals 16

The fear-inducing Cardinals have fled the nest and in their place has hatched a dopey, flightless bird who has yet to figure out how to take off with a win. After starting the season 7-0, Murray and the Cards have gone 3-5 , this week it was the Colts who trampled their hopes of getting back on track. In a battle of two teams trending in opposite directions, it was the squad many had written off in the early weeks that looks like the real playoff threat. 

Atlanta Falcons 20- Detroit Lions 16

The fact that this was one of the Lions’ closest games of the year and they did that with a guy named Tim Boyle under centre speaks to the competitive spirit and commitment of Dan Campbell’s side. Sure, they haven’t come for anyone’s knee caps but the energy of the coach’s introductory press conference has been all over this team since he took over. As for the victors, it was a monster day for rookie tight end Kyle Pitts who racked up 102 yards on six receptions and really game into his ‘unicorn’ monacker. 

Los Angeles Rams 30- Minnesota Vikings 23

Despite throwing three interceptions, Matthew Stafford has successfully led the Rams to the playoffs. The scrappy win over the Vikings did just enough to clinch a postseason berth for Sean McVay’s side, whose participation in meaningful January football had been looking to be in question with their performances over the past few weeks. With Henderson going down early it became the Sony Show out of the LA backfield and the former Patriot did not disappoint.  The 7-8 Vikings now face a steep uphill climb into the playoffs meaning the pressure has just been dialled up a couple notches on head coach Mike Zimmer on his staff for what seems like the upteenth time. 

New York Jets 26- Jacksonville Jaguars 21

In case you were wondering how Jacksonville’s season was going, they were embarrassed by baby mormon sensation Zach Wilson…on the ground. 

Philadelphia Eagles 34- New York Giants 10

One way for Giants fans to feel better about Daniel Jones is to watch the film of him next to this week’s options of Mike Glennon and Jake Fromm (State Farm). Simply put, the 1-2 punch New York elected to go with this week was bad and was lucky to come away with the 10 points. Their defence wasn’t much better given they were lit up for 34 despite Philly losing their lead back. With the Cowboys having clinched the NFC East, the Eagles are making a push for a wild card spot, something that looks more and more likely with the ascendance of Jalen Hurts. 

Buffalo Bills 33- New England Patriots 21

The Bills proved the Patriots aren’t completely back (yet) with a dominant showing against Bill’s boys, boosted by the aggressive play calling of Sean McDermott. Josh Allen played a nearly perfect game whereas Mac Jones struggled mightily despite having his best running back, Damien Harris, return to his side. With the Bills having the better divisional record, the AFC East is theirs as long as they win out, and given that they’ll play the Falcons and Jets should be pretty easy. The Pats will look to earn a Wild Card spot by beating the Jaguars and Dolphins, one of which will be easier said than done. 

Cincinnati Bengals 41- Baltimore Ravens 21

These are not your grandad’s bungling Bengals anymore thanks to four youngsters taking the league by storm. Joe Burrow threw for 525 passing yards and four touchdowns, Tee Higgins caught 194 of those yards and two of those touchdowns while Ja’Marr Chase hauled in 125 of them. Oh and Joe Mixon is having himself a career year to top it all off. With the emphatic win Cincy digs their claws deeper into the top seed of the AFC North and don’t look to be giving it up anytime soon. 

Houston Texans 41- Los Angeles Chargers 29

What the $#@& was that?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 32- Carolina Panthers 6

Not that we’re a betting website but if we were we would be putting serious money on the Panthers not bringing Cam back next season. The win gave the Bucs their first NFC South title since 2007, because yes they won the Super Bowl last season after making the playoffs as a Wild Card meaning lord help us if this turns into another Tom Brady revenge tour…

Chicago Bears 25- Seattle Seahawks 24

So do we think that Wilson has his flight out of Seattle booked for immediately after the conclusion of their final game or will he give it a grace period? The last-minute loss to a team that shared a city with a baseball team who had won a game more recently was pretty emblematic of what it’s been like for the Seahawks for the last season and a half and it’s looking more and more like it’s about time for something to give. 

Las Vegas Raiders 17- Denver Broncos 13

By some miracle, the calamitous Raiders now control their own playoff fate. After pulling off the comeback and watching other results fall in their favour, the Raiders just need to win out and a trip to the 2021 playoffs will be theirs. As for the Broncos, it looks like the quarterback carousel will take another spin in the offseason as the franchise that once employed Peyton Manning has yet to find stability under center since the end of the Omaha era. 

Kansas City Chiefs 38- Pittsburgh Steelers 10

Clearly the Chiefs were just lulling the league into complacency with their rocky start as they have exploded offensively in recent weeks, with the showing against Pittsburgh being no exception. The rout secured them their sixth consecutive AFC West title. As for Pittsburgh, the suckerpunch needs to be a dose of reality for anyone delusional enough to think that this roster should return next year…

Dallas Cowboys 56- Washington Football Team 14

The only fight shown by Washington was on their imported heated benches and that really tells you all you need to know about this one.

There are just two weeks left in the regular season and there is very little set in stone, but where do you think your team will land when it’s all said and done? Let us know!

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