Formula One 2022 Car Reveal

This year marks the beginning of a new era for Formula One that looks to promote a more competitive balance between teams. The main change that Formula One has taken with these new regulations is an overhaul on the aerodynamics of the cars. The major stipulations they have created to do so include a ground-effectContinue reading “Formula One 2022 Car Reveal”

UEFA Championships League Round of 16 First Leg Wrap Up

A new rule added to this year’s addition in the UEFA Champions League playoff is the removal of the away goal. Goals, whether they are scored at home or away, are equivalent to a single goal on aggregate. Therefore, the importance of scoring the goal at your opponent’s pitch does not exist. The controversial drawContinue reading “UEFA Championships League Round of 16 First Leg Wrap Up”

Premier League Rundown Postponed Matchday

The only match of the day was Manchester United against Brighton. United came into the game after two league draws and needed the victory to stay ahead of the race for the fourth spot as the teams behind them have games in hand. Manchester United (2) vs. Brighton (0) A quiet first half led toContinue reading “Premier League Rundown Postponed Matchday”

Premier League Rundown Matchday 25

In the second matchday in a week, all eyes are on the race for the fourth and final spot in the Champions League. The team that made the biggest step forward in the race was the Wolverhampton Wolves with a victory over Tottenham. All others either made a move to the side or a stepContinue reading “Premier League Rundown Matchday 25”

Premier League Rundown Matchday 24

The Premier League returns after a two week International break. The race is heating up at the two ends of the table. The battle for the fourth spot in the league is being fought between fives teams. The fight to stay out of the relegation zone has its own batch of teams. Newcastle (3) vs.Continue reading “Premier League Rundown Matchday 24”

Premier League Rundown Postponed Matchday

In the lone match of the postponed matchday, it was the battle of the relegation zone teams. The match was critical for both teams to take themselves out of relegation. A win was a must for both teams as a draw would keep both teams in their current position. Burnley (0) vs. Watford (0) WatfordContinue reading “Premier League Rundown Postponed Matchday”

CMNT World Cup Qualifiers: Window #3

At the beginning of the window, Canada was at the top of the table after not conceding a loss in the final round. They are going into this window missing three important members of their squad. Alphonso Davies was diagnosed with myocarditis earlier in the month after a bout with COVID-19, David Wotherspoon with aContinue reading “CMNT World Cup Qualifiers: Window #3”

Premier League Rundown Matchday 23

In the first matchday in over a month to have all ten fixtures played without a postponement, teams took advantage of and lost out on opportunities to move up in the table. Watford (0) vs. Norwich City (3) A fairytale night by Joshua Sargent gave Norwich the victory and a bump out of relegation. AContinue reading “Premier League Rundown Matchday 23”

Premier League Rundown Postponed Matchday

In this week’s postponed matchday, the main theme was positions in races around the Premier League. Chelsea is dropping further down in the Premier title race meanwhile, Tottenham and Manchester United are still in the hunt for the top four. Brighton (1) vs. Chelsea (1) Chelsea looked unmotivated in the match and saw their titleContinue reading “Premier League Rundown Postponed Matchday”

Premier League Rundown Matchday 22

A matchday of highs and lows for teams around the Premier League. Highs included Manchester City putting a 13-point distance on Chelsea, Norwich City moving up from the bottom of the table, Philippe Coutinho making a dream debut with the claret and blue, and Jack Harrison’s first league hat-trick against West Ham. The lows wereContinue reading “Premier League Rundown Matchday 22”