Sunday Sprint Week 5

I am back from my midterm induced hibernation to run through all of Sunday’s NFL action. It was a packed Week 5 from across the pond to state side action being full of upsets, highlights, questionable penalties, and Troy Aikman lifting the curtain on the sport’s veiled sexist tones thanks to his on-air dress commentContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 5”

5 Things You Missed from the Women’s Euros

If you had a way to reliably watch the Women’s Euros on TV then count yourself lucky because that was a tournament for the ages. But for us Canadians, who despite living in a newly minted “soccer country”, had no national networks pick up this tournament, I’ve got 5 things you missed from the actionContinue reading “5 Things You Missed from the Women’s Euros”

Deshaun Watson, the NFL, and Six Games That Could Change the League

What if being a professional athlete didn’t offer you so much protection from the consequences of your actions? There are few, if any, words to describe the sinking feeling felt by many around the football world when Deshaun’s six game suspension was announced. The discourse that followed ran the gamut from being trauma informed forContinue reading “Deshaun Watson, the NFL, and Six Games That Could Change the League”

CFL Files: Homegrown Talent Takes Centre Stage

As we near the halfway point in the Canadian football season the hype just seems to be building south of the border with NFL training camps, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to shine a light on the best and brightest Canadian ballers this season. Of course we all already know theContinue reading “CFL Files: Homegrown Talent Takes Centre Stage”

CFL Files: Takeaways and Tribulations

A week featuring a battle of undefeated teams, two winless squads, and the return of Touchdown Atlantic had way too many highlights for this week’s files to be anything other than a good old fashioned takeaways. From the highs to the lows, there was a big lesson for all teams to take into Week 7. Continue reading “CFL Files: Takeaways and Tribulations”

CFL Files: Welcome to the Chopping Block

It only took four weeks for our first firing of the CFL season, and almost shockingly it didn’t come from two of the league’s winless teams. Granted, it was the one win Montreal Alouettes who dropped the first axe, having it fall on head coach Kahari Jones. While the firing could not have come asContinue reading “CFL Files: Welcome to the Chopping Block”

CFL Files: 2 Truths and a Lie

We are officially through a trio of weeks in the CFL’s 2022 season and as the sun rises on the fourth Thursday of this young season it could not be a better time to play the best game of trios known to slumber parties everywhere: two truths and a lie. Feel free to let meContinue reading “CFL Files: 2 Truths and a Lie”

CFL Files: 5 Stars, From the Familiar to the Fresh

It’s no secret that the easiest shot for haters to take at the CFL is that it’s missing the star power; and to that I play them the Week 2 tapes. Sure the week had its share of bloopers (yes I’m looking at you David Côté and your 21 yard miss to lose the gameContinue reading “CFL Files: 5 Stars, From the Familiar to the Fresh”