What Does Each Team Need to Win the Super Bowl?

It’s finally game day again in the NFL, and in the city where the lights shine the brightest, the league’s best will be crowned. At the beginning of the season you would have been hard pressed to find anyone, even the most delusional Bengals’ fan, who would have thought Joe Burrow would have this teamContinue reading “What Does Each Team Need to Win the Super Bowl?”

Converse and Canadian Football: A Conversation with Matthew Scianitti

There are very few television journalists who are more famous for their footwear than their faces, but one of them is Toronto’s own Matthew Scianitti. Other than engaging sideline reporting, moving video essays, and expert writing, fans can always count on Scianitti for the coolest pair of Chuck Taylors they’ve ever seen. Fashion sense aside,Continue reading “Converse and Canadian Football: A Conversation with Matthew Scianitti”

If NFL Teams Came to Thanksgiving Dinner

Nothing is more synonymous with American Thanksgiving than football, but what would happen if football was AT American Thanksgiving?  The Football Dad: Detroit Lions We all know the type; the one who watches every snap of every game and talks to the TV as if he could do it better than the pros. In otherContinue reading “If NFL Teams Came to Thanksgiving Dinner”