A New Wave: The Conversation of Mental Health in Sport

In the last six months, we have seen an unprecedented wave rise in the sports world. It is one that has dared to challenge the preconceived attitudes that have governed that world, one that has the audacity to decentralize sport from the conversation… The wave of athletes putting their mental health above athletic endeavors, subsequentlyContinue reading “A New Wave: The Conversation of Mental Health in Sport”

Rivalry Revisited: Setting the Stage for Canada-USA Semifinal

Canada, USA…you would be hard pressed to find a better rivalry in the sporting world, one that is fierce across all sports. While both countries may naturally associate this storied opposition with hockey, women’s soccer may be where we see the second most intense installment, and we have one game to thank for that.  ThereContinue reading “Rivalry Revisited: Setting the Stage for Canada-USA Semifinal”

Canada Squeaks Through

Canada are quickly becoming this year’s Cardiac Kids, not making anything comfortable or relaxing on their fans, or themselves. The latest edition was needing all five rounds of penalties after ending 120 minutes of play goalless against Brazil. The quarterfinal matchup was a rematch of the 2016 bronze medal game, and the victor was theContinue reading “Canada Squeaks Through”

Canada Moves On With Another Lost Lead

Canada’s Olympic group play came to a somewhat unsatisfying end with a 1-1 draw with Great Britain on Tuesday morning. The game played out with a heavily rotated Canadian side that saw Captain Canada, Christine Sinclair, watching from the stands. Sinclair was joined by veterans Desiree Scott and Alysha Chapman in the alternates role, whileContinue reading “Canada Moves On With Another Lost Lead”

Craving Creativity: The Key to Beating Chile

The Canadian women appeared to have a dream start to the Games, going up 1-0 on the hosts less than 10 minutes in, that was until they gave up the equalizer in the dying minutes of the second half. Beyond getting rid of some jitters, the opening game clarified much of what needs to happenContinue reading “Craving Creativity: The Key to Beating Chile”