Wimbledon Week One: Injuries, Rain, Matchups

The most prestigious Grand Slam of the year has finally returned, after taking a hiatus last year due to the pandemic. New year, new courts, a fresh start. Storylines like Serena Williams’ quest for number 24, Roger Federer trying to reach the final yet again after a turbulent year, or Novak Djokovic’s streak of dominanceContinue reading “Wimbledon Week One: Injuries, Rain, Matchups”

The Lack of Diversity in Sport Media Coverage

The world of sports is always changing, and traditional practices are getting deconstructed and reimagined. However, the coverage of sports is not as evolving as one might think. The quality of women’s coverage is nowhere near as respectful as the men’s, and the people that are covering them are not women, let alone people ofContinue reading “The Lack of Diversity in Sport Media Coverage”

NCAA Women’s Basketball: Final Four

The Final Four never disappoints, and we had a packed Friday tonight. A game that went down to the wire, and another that put on a show of spectacular defense. In case you missed it, here’s what went down between the last four teams in the tournament and find out who booked their spot inContinue reading “NCAA Women’s Basketball: Final Four”

3 Times Candace Parker Showed Who’s Boss

Athlete. Broadcaster. Mom. Human. In no particular order. Candace Parker is many things, and she’s been a staple in the sports industry for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, she was the name to know. To celebrate women’s history month, here are three times when Candace Parker demanded respect andContinue reading “3 Times Candace Parker Showed Who’s Boss”

Australian Open Week One: Recap

The first major of the year has arrived, and the first week has held some exciting tennis. Five-set thrillers, upsets, and familiar as well as new faces. In case you missed some of the action from down under, no matter which time zone you’re in, here is a recap of week one. Canadian Coverage TheContinue reading “Australian Open Week One: Recap”

Believe in the Magic of NBA Christmas Games: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We had Christmas games this year as usual, except that they came 3 days into the regular season, which was a little more unusual. You could feel the excitement among the basketball community, and some teams really showed out. In case you missed it, here are the recaps of yesterday’s NBA Christmas Games! Game 1:Continue reading “Believe in the Magic of NBA Christmas Games: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Most Improved Players of the Year 2020: WTA & ATP Edition

All we talk about in 2020 is the pandemic, and how it has affected our lives. Put that aside, and you’ll see that within the darkness, a light appeared. The next generation. Whether it was leading the charge for justice, or voting a new party in office, everyone that called them the future didn’t realizeContinue reading “Most Improved Players of the Year 2020: WTA & ATP Edition”

NBA Draft 2020 Recap: Everything That Happened Last Night

2020 has been a bizarre year for everyone, including the world of sports. March Madness was halted, no training camp, and no summer league for the rookies of this year’s draft class. Regardless, this year was full of talent, so let’s see who got drafted! First Round: Top 5 Picks 1. Minnesota Timberwolves Select: AnthonyContinue reading “NBA Draft 2020 Recap: Everything That Happened Last Night”

The Real Champions of the Bubble Were the Milwaukee Bucks – Here’s Why

Although the Los Angeles Lakers won in what was a very bizarre championship run, it felt very anticlimactic. Why? Maybe it was the fact that the teams played in a bubble with no fans. It also could have been because that the bubble was located in the virus epicenter of the country yet they seemedContinue reading “The Real Champions of the Bubble Were the Milwaukee Bucks – Here’s Why”

French Open 2020: A preview of the Tournament that Shook Things Up

Originally set to take place in May, the French Open will have a much cooler feel to it this year. Drawing some controversy and shade from the other tournaments, Roland Garros rescheduled their play to late September, meaning that just weeks after the US Open, players are getting ready to play another Grand Slam, onContinue reading “French Open 2020: A preview of the Tournament that Shook Things Up”