NFL Says it Will Halt Race-Norming

A practice that was questionable in origin, racist in practice, and astonishing in longevity is finally over. The NFL has committed to ending its use of the practice of race-norming in concussion cases. The decision comes after two former players filed a civil rights lawsuit over the practice. While the judge who presided over theContinue reading “NFL Says it Will Halt Race-Norming”

The Evolution of Women’s Football

It’s Super Bowl season so you can’t blame your Twitter timelines for being a little more football crazed than usual. But did you know that there exists a whole other side to America’s game? The women’s side… Yup, contrary to popular Twitter belief, women do play full pads tackle football, and have been for aContinue reading “The Evolution of Women’s Football”

Express Line Through NFL Wild Card Weekend

Super Wild Card weekend has come and gone and it was one filled with highlights, lowlights, questionable decisions, and a Nickelodeon F-bomb. But you don’t have time for six game reports detailing every snap, not as we prepare for a Divisional weekend packed with intrigue and watch NFL news continue to unfold in real time.Continue reading “Express Line Through NFL Wild Card Weekend”

Understanding the Wild NFL Playoff Picture

We are a week out from the 2020 NFL regular season wrapping up and there is still plenty of possible movement in the standings. While the AFC is a lot clearer than the NFC the tight race for the final few Wild Card spots is nearly too close to call. That won’t stop us fromContinue reading “Understanding the Wild NFL Playoff Picture”