The Lack of Diversity in Sport Media Coverage

The world of sports is always changing, and traditional practices are getting deconstructed and reimagined. However, the coverage of sports is not as evolving as one might think. The quality of women’s coverage is nowhere near as respectful as the men’s, and the people that are covering them are not women, let alone people ofContinue reading “The Lack of Diversity in Sport Media Coverage”

Bringing To Light The Struggles of Racialized Women in the Sport Media Industry

When it comes to talking about diversity and equality in sports, the conversations about feminism is oftentimes separate from conversations about racial discrimination. Women are underrepresented in sports, it is a known fact that has sparked countless movements to take place. People of colour are also underrepresented in sports leagues (looking at you NHL), andContinue reading “Bringing To Light The Struggles of Racialized Women in the Sport Media Industry”

Hey Bell, it’s Time to Talk

It has been 12 days since Bell Let’s Talk Day, a day designed to build awareness and spark conversation around mental illness and stigma. Whether or not the movement was genuine is something that gets debated year after year due to the overt capitalism that permeates everything we do. As someone who lives with mentalContinue reading “Hey Bell, it’s Time to Talk”