• Sunday Sprint Week 6
    Week 6 is in the books and it provided just enough chaos to make you forget it was the start of bye weeks. From tantrums to upsets and rookie trying to give Bill Belichick a present, it’s all covered in this edition of the Sunday Sprint.  New York Giants 24- Baltimore Ravens 20 Large leadsContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 6”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 5
    I am back from my midterm induced hibernation to run through all of Sunday’s NFL action. It was a packed Week 5 from across the pond to state side action being full of upsets, highlights, questionable penalties, and Troy Aikman lifting the curtain on the sport’s veiled sexist tones thanks to his on-air dress commentContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 5”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 2
    We’re baaaaack!! By we I mean me and by me I mean your weekly dose of football sarcasm seasoned with analysis. Did you miss it? If you’re reading this I’ll assume you did so let’s cut the time wasting and get right into what went down on Sunday.  New England Patriots 17- Pittsburgh Steelers 14Continue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 2”
  • Deshaun Watson, the NFL, and Six Games That Could Change the League
    What if being a professional athlete didn’t offer you so much protection from the consequences of your actions? There are few, if any, words to describe the sinking feeling felt by many around the football world when Deshaun’s six game suspension was announced. The discourse that followed ran the gamut from being trauma informed forContinue reading “Deshaun Watson, the NFL, and Six Games That Could Change the League”
  • CFL Files: Homegrown Talent Takes Centre Stage
    As we near the halfway point in the Canadian football season the hype just seems to be building south of the border with NFL training camps, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to shine a light on the best and brightest Canadian ballers this season. Of course we all already know theContinue reading “CFL Files: Homegrown Talent Takes Centre Stage”
  • CFL Files: Takeaways and Tribulations
    A week featuring a battle of undefeated teams, two winless squads, and the return of Touchdown Atlantic had way too many highlights for this week’s files to be anything other than a good old fashioned takeaways. From the highs to the lows, there was a big lesson for all teams to take into Week 7. Continue reading “CFL Files: Takeaways and Tribulations”
  • CFL Files: Welcome to the Chopping Block
    It only took four weeks for our first firing of the CFL season, and almost shockingly it didn’t come from two of the league’s winless teams. Granted, it was the one win Montreal Alouettes who dropped the first axe, having it fall on head coach Kahari Jones. While the firing could not have come asContinue reading “CFL Files: Welcome to the Chopping Block”
  • CFL Files: 2 Truths and a Lie
    We are officially through a trio of weeks in the CFL’s 2022 season and as the sun rises on the fourth Thursday of this young season it could not be a better time to play the best game of trios known to slumber parties everywhere: two truths and a lie. Feel free to let meContinue reading “CFL Files: 2 Truths and a Lie”
  • CFL Files: 5 Stars, From the Familiar to the Fresh
    It’s no secret that the easiest shot for haters to take at the CFL is that it’s missing the star power; and to that I play them the Week 2 tapes. Sure the week had its share of bloopers (yes I’m looking at you David Côté and your 21 yard miss to lose the gameContinue reading “CFL Files: 5 Stars, From the Familiar to the Fresh”
  • CFL Files: 2022 First Impressions
    There were strikes, threats, rejected CBAs, but alas we had kickoff on the 2022 CFL season. It’s no secret that the league needs to go after new fans, with the opening week TV ratings dropping 15% over the last two years, more games like the battle between Calgary and Montreal could go a long wayContinue reading “CFL Files: 2022 First Impressions”
  • What Does Each Team Need to Win the Super Bowl?
    It’s finally game day again in the NFL, and in the city where the lights shine the brightest, the league’s best will be crowned. At the beginning of the season you would have been hard pressed to find anyone, even the most delusional Bengals’ fan, who would have thought Joe Burrow would have this teamContinue reading “What Does Each Team Need to Win the Super Bowl?”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 17
    Week 17 should be the grand finale but this is the biggest season of all time so this is but the second to last act. Let’s run through the 17th Sunday in the NFL.  Chicago Bears 29- New York Giants 3 I would like to congratulate you dear reader on finishing your Sunday with moreContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 17”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 16
    And just like that the 16th Sunday has come and gone in the 2021 NFL season and we seemed to have left it with slightly more questions than answers. Indianapolis Colts 22- Arizona Cardinals 16 The fear-inducing Cardinals have fled the nest and in their place has hatched a dopey, flightless bird who has yetContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 16”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 14
    Week 14 seemingly came out of nowhere and it may have been one of the most exhilarating ones yet. From the joke that is the entirety of the Jaguars franchise to Aaron Rodgers still very much owning the Bears, we’ve got tons to run through today so lace up those cleats and let’s roll. NewContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 14”
  • If NFL Teams Came to Thanksgiving Dinner
    Nothing is more synonymous with American Thanksgiving than football, but what would happen if football was AT American Thanksgiving?  The Football Dad: Detroit Lions We all know the type; the one who watches every snap of every game and talks to the TV as if he could do it better than the pros. In otherContinue reading “If NFL Teams Came to Thanksgiving Dinner”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 11
    It’s the eleventh hour in the league and things are heating up. Let’s take a look at this Sunday’s scores… Baltimore Ravens 17- Chicago Bears 13 Baltimore ended the game with their backup, and so did Chicago except it was their starter who was made their backup when their drafted QB became the number one…following?Continue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 11”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 9
    Week 9 is in the books but not without some wild upsets and even wilder scores. Let’s break it down.  New York Giants 23- Las Vegas Raiders 16 It seems as though there were finally too many off-field distractions for the Raiders to overcome this week. There was Gruden, then Ruggs, and most recently Arnette,Continue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 9”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 8
    We are officially more than halfway through the regular season and things just do not get more predictable. Think you know who led the league in passing yards this week? You don’t, but you will if you keep reading! Carolina Panthers 19- Atlanta Falcons 13 Stephon Gilmore appeared to be just want the doctor orderedContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 8”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 7
    The seventh Sunday of the NFL season has come and gone and with it so have the upsets, triumphs, and humiliations of pro football, let’s get into this… Tennessee Titans 27- Kansas City Chiefs 3 What kind of TikTok dance do you choreograph to the sound of disappointment? Jackson Mahomes is going to have toContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 7”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 5
    Keep your eye on Indeed as quite a few NFL teams could be in the market for a kicker after this week’s calamitous showing by the position group as a whole. Until then, read all about it! Atlanta Falcons 27- New York Jets 20 You could have injected the Jets with the same amount ofContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 5”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 4
    New York Jets 27- Tennessee Titans 24 Chicago Bears 24- Detroit Lions 14 At this point the Detroit Lions might need to consider taking the rest of the season off. After coming into Sunday as the most overqualified 0-3 team in recent memory, there was a singular shining moment that encapsulated how this season hasContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 4”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 3
    As Aaron Rodgers said in his post-game interview after the Sunday-nighter, how can you not be romantic about football? And after the day we had, we’re inclined to agree. Los Angeles Chargers 30- Kansas City Chiefs 24 We live in a world where Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are in last place inContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 3”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 2
    Week 2 left us with no shortage of storylines; from questionable rulings, laughable gaffs, and a few WTF moments from the Sunday nighter, we’ve got it all for you in this week’s Sunday Sprint. Las Vegas Raiders 26- Pittsburgh Steelers 17 Pittsburgh wasted no time backing the Corvette out of the win column with aContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 2”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 1
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! NFL season is back and that means no team is safe from the Sprint, now let’s get to running… Seahawks Seattle 28- Indianapolis Colts 16 Tell me if you’ve heard this story before: Russel Wilson goes on a heater for 8 weeks, Seahawks fans insist this isContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 1”
  • NFL Says it Will Halt Race-Norming
    A practice that was questionable in origin, racist in practice, and astonishing in longevity is finally over. The NFL has committed to ending its use of the practice of race-norming in concussion cases. The decision comes after two former players filed a civil rights lawsuit over the practice. While the judge who presided over theContinue reading “NFL Says it Will Halt Race-Norming”
  • Game Planning Super Bowl LIV
    It’s finally time to crown the winner of the 2020 NFL season (for our non-NFL fans yes we are in 2021 but this is the end of the 2020 season, we don’t get in either but it’s okay). If anything that happened in 2020 was any indication, we should have been able to predict thatContinue reading “Game Planning Super Bowl LIV”
  • The Evolution of Women’s Football
    It’s Super Bowl season so you can’t blame your Twitter timelines for being a little more football crazed than usual. But did you know that there exists a whole other side to America’s game? The women’s side… Yup, contrary to popular Twitter belief, women do play full pads tackle football, and have been for aContinue reading “The Evolution of Women’s Football”
  • Super Bowl LV: How We Got Here
    When the season kicked off all those months ago, the possibility of not making it to the Super Bowl wasn’t entirely out of the question. Yet, here we are; a credit to the hard work of the unsung teams of people working behind the scenes to implement the protocols and technologies that allowed us toContinue reading “Super Bowl LV: How We Got Here”
  • Express Line Through NFL Wild Card Weekend
    Super Wild Card weekend has come and gone and it was one filled with highlights, lowlights, questionable decisions, and a Nickelodeon F-bomb. But you don’t have time for six game reports detailing every snap, not as we prepare for a Divisional weekend packed with intrigue and watch NFL news continue to unfold in real time.Continue reading “Express Line Through NFL Wild Card Weekend”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 17
    It’s here, we did it; Week 17 of the NFL regular season. The way we got here was questionable at times (forcing a team to play with no quarterbacks but moving another team’s game three times) but the season was played to completion and the playoffs will start on time. As is customary in WeekContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 17”
  • Understanding the Wild NFL Playoff Picture
    We are a week out from the 2020 NFL regular season wrapping up and there is still plenty of possible movement in the standings. While the AFC is a lot clearer than the NFC the tight race for the final few Wild Card spots is nearly too close to call. That won’t stop us fromContinue reading “Understanding the Wild NFL Playoff Picture”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 16
    After some wild weeks, the football world felt normal again. Der Bryant scored against the Giants, Pittsburgh won, Cleveland found a way to lose to a 1-13 team, and Atlanta choked in the final minute. All that and more as we wrap up the second to last week of regular season action. Baltimore Ravens 27-Continue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 16”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 15
    If I would have told you last week that the Jets’ would win their Week 15 matchup against the Rams, would you have believed me? Yeah…I wouldn’t have believed me either but it happened! Keep reading to see what else went down on the most unpredictable Sunday yet. Indianapolis Colts 27- Houston Texans 20 AsContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 15”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 14
    A blowout, an upset, and a tantalizing playoff preview; Week 14 was good to us. Stick with us for the breakdown of all of Sunday’s action, including the new cure for a struggling offence! Tennessee Titans 31- Jacksonville Jaguars 10 We have come full circle in Jacksonville as the Jaguars benched Mike Glennon in favourContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 14”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 13
    Some of the things that went down on Sunday were unpredictable even by 2020’s standards. You had Seattle falling to an NFC East opponent, the 2020 iteration of the Patriots held a team to zero points, and the Browns can still mathematically win their division while the Ravens can’t. All that and more broken downContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 13”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 12
    If you’re 2020 bingo card had a team quarterbacked by a wide receiver facing off against a team quarterbacked by a tight end then congratulations, you win. The rest of us near sighted mortals could have never seen the situation that unfolded in Denver happening, even with the craziness of COVID-19. Below the Mile High,Continue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 12”
  • Proudly Playing Like a Girl: Thank You Sarah Fuller
    I don’t make a habit out of watching college football. But when I tell you I made a commitment to not missing a snap of the Vanderbilt- Missouri game, I am not over exaggerating. And I am also not over exaggerating when I tell you I had goosebumps the entire time (and almost got emotionalContinue reading “Proudly Playing Like a Girl: Thank You Sarah Fuller”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 11
    Sunday has come and gone and things are heating up. Playoff races are get more intense (yes, even in the NFC East!), we still have an undefeated team (and a winless one), and injuries and COVID continue to make games unpredictable. Keep on reading to catch up on everything that went on between the whistlesContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 11”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 10
    It’s that time of week again where we break down everything NFL Sunday had to offer. This week was a buffet from buffoonery to brilliance as we saw the NFC West get a heck of a lot more interesting and the Steelers coasted to yet another win. All that and more lined up for youContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 10”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 9
    We are officially into the second half of the 2020 NFL season, a season many are surprised made it out of the first week. This week had what may very well end up as the game of the year and the head scratcher of the year (we’re looking at you, Pittsburgh). Through it all thereContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 9”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 8
    We are half way through a wild NFL season where absolutely nothing is predictable (except the fact that whoever is playing the Jets is going to win) but everything is entertaining. Stick with us as we break down the touchdowns, rundowns, and breakdowns of the week that was. Minnesota Vikings 28- Green Bay Packers 22Continue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 8”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 6
    It was a fuller Sunday schedule then we’ve seen in the last few weeks, which I don’t think anyone is complaining about. Despite the abundance of games, the Jets were still the most deplorable show on Earth, but more on that later… Tennessee Titans 42- Houston Texans 36 Though Josh Norman is still recovering fromContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 6”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 5
    As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the NFL, it was another shortened Sunday. It was filled with both heart warming returns, gut-wrenching endings, and quite a few coaching conundrums. read on to get all caught up on the week that was across the league. Houston Texans 30- Jacksonville Jaguars 14 The only people aroundContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 5”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 4
    It was less action-packed than we were expecting, with the postponement of both the Titans-Steelers and Patriots-Chiefs games, but the matchups that did kickoff provided no shortage of entertainment. Whether you like upsets, trick plays, or barnburner scores, the NFL’s week 4 had something for you. New Orleans Saints 35- Detroit Lions 29 The SaintsContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 4”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 3
    Week 3 in the NFL did not disappoint when it came to high scoring games. Some were close, others were less so (we’re looking at you New York teams), and history was made. Let’s break it down… San Francisco 49ers 36- New York Giants 9 It looked like a golden opportunity for the Giants toContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 3”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 2
    Welcome back to the Sunday Sprint, where we run through all the action that went down on everyone’s favourite day! Week 2 in the NFL did not disappoint when it came to highlights, lowlights, and downright gaffs (we’re looking at you Atlanta). Chicago Bears 17- New York Giants 13 A loss to a mediocre BearsContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 2”
  • Sunday Sprint Week 1
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the NFL is back! Welcome to the Sunday Sprint, where we run through all the action that went down on everyone’s favorite day so don’t forget to check back every single week for a refresher and some sarcasm. Buffalo Bills 27- New York Jets 17 While thereContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 1”
  • The NFL has 99 Problems…and 66 are Opt Outs
    While other sports were forced to pause seasons or delay opening day, the NFL had the unique advantage of having months to come up with precautionary measures to protect their own season. Instead of announcing measures for regular season play targeting elements like sideline distancing or masks, or even a league wide policy on fans,Continue reading “The NFL has 99 Problems…and 66 are Opt Outs”
  • Highlights from the Boardroom? A New NFL CBA is something to cheer for
    Sports newsrooms worldwide look like ghost towns. Seriously, I think I saw a tumbleweed roll through the background of the last Sportscentre report I watched. But the football gods threw us a bone Sunday when the announcement of the agreement to the new CBA was announced.  Quick legal crash-course: CBA stands for Collective Bargaining Agreement,Continue reading “Highlights from the Boardroom? A New NFL CBA is something to cheer for”
  • NFL Draft Recap
    For one blissful evening, there was NFL action in real time: the draft. It may have been a draft like no other (as in we have no proof and reasonable doubt that the commissioner was sober) but it gave life a semblance of normalcy for the sports fans of the world. The first few picksContinue reading “NFL Draft Recap”
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