Sunday Sprint Week 5

I am back from my midterm induced hibernation to run through all of Sunday’s NFL action. It was a packed Week 5 from across the pond to state side action being full of upsets, highlights, questionable penalties, and Troy Aikman lifting the curtain on the sport’s veiled sexist tones thanks to his on-air dress commentContinue reading “Sunday Sprint Week 5”

Converse and Canadian Football: A Conversation with Matthew Scianitti

There are very few television journalists who are more famous for their footwear than their faces, but one of them is Toronto’s own Matthew Scianitti. Other than engaging sideline reporting, moving video essays, and expert writing, fans can always count on Scianitti for the coolest pair of Chuck Taylors they’ve ever seen. Fashion sense aside,Continue reading “Converse and Canadian Football: A Conversation with Matthew Scianitti”

Highlights from the Boardroom? A New NFL CBA is something to cheer for

Sports newsrooms worldwide look like ghost towns. Seriously, I think I saw a tumbleweed roll through the background of the last Sportscentre report I watched. But the football gods threw us a bone Sunday when the announcement of the agreement to the new CBA was announced.  Quick legal crash-course: CBA stands for Collective Bargaining Agreement,Continue reading “Highlights from the Boardroom? A New NFL CBA is something to cheer for”