Premier League Rundown Postponed Matchday

The increase of COVID-19 cases in the Premier League has caused multiple games to be postponed. These two games are the first set of re-scheduled games. Both winners climbed up the table with their victories. Southampton (4) vs. Brentford (1) Southampton struck early and often in the match. In the fifth minute, one of theContinue reading “Premier League Rundown Postponed Matchday”

Who is Lorenzo Insigne?

Lorenzo Insigne has officially signed a four-year contract with Toronto FC. He will start his tenure with the Reds in July. The signing of Insigne is ‘the’ most high profile signing the club has made in its sixteen-year history. Overshadowing the signings of Sebastian Giovinco and Jermaine Defoe. This all begs the question, who isContinue reading “Who is Lorenzo Insigne?”

The Big Five: January Transfer Window 2022

The first transfer window of the year in the ‘Big Five’ European Soccer Leagues runs the duration of the month of January. In this window, clubs can choose to buy, sell or loan players to and from other organizations in Europe and other leagues around the world that are open during this period. I willContinue reading “The Big Five: January Transfer Window 2022”

Premier League Rundown Matchday 21

The top teams in Premier League were duking it out on Matchday 21. The day started with an incredible match between Arsenal and Man City at the Emirates. It took extra time for the Cityzens to claim their eleventh consecutive victory. The day ended with a showdown for the ages was between Chelsea and Liverpool.Continue reading “Premier League Rundown Matchday 21”

Premier League Rundown Matchday 20

The final matchday of 2021 was filled with bounce backs from the Boxing Day fixtures. West Ham had a dominant performance over Watford, Crystal Palace kept a clean sheet after being kept off the scoresheet, Leicester was victorious after being double up and Man United showed their offensive prowess they lacked against Newcastle. Southampton (1)Continue reading “Premier League Rundown Matchday 20”

Premier League Rundown Matchday 19

It was raining goals on Boxing Day in the English Premier League. A total of 30 goals were scored on the holiday. Matchday 19 consisted of the top table teams asserting their dominance, and losing streaks came to an end. West Ham (2) vs. Southampton (3) Westham’s achilles heel of giving up leads reared itsContinue reading “Premier League Rundown Matchday 19”

Premier League Rundown Matchday 18

It was a match day plagued by postponements due to COVID-19 outbreaks in the Premier League. A total of six games were removed from the day’s fixtures. For the games that were able to go as scheduled, it was much the same as earlier in the week from Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City. The SpursContinue reading “Premier League Rundown Matchday 18”

Premier League Rundown Matchday 17

Matchday 17 was marred by COVID-19 outbreaks within two clubs that forced postponements of two matches. Regardless of the outbreaks, we got an excited two days of quality soccer; a blowout, close wins and shocking draw capped off our Norwich City (0) vs. Aston Villa (2) Jacob Ramsey started the campagne off with a beautifulContinue reading “Premier League Rundown Matchday 17”

Controversial Champions League Draw

It seemed to be a weekend of controversy surrounding the sports world. The events in Formula One may have been overshadowed by the Round of 16 draw in the UEFA Champions League. Conspiracy theorists would assume there was match fixing when Lionel Messi’s PSG squad was drawn to play against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United inContinue reading “Controversial Champions League Draw”

Rivalry Revisited: Setting the Stage for Canada-USA Semifinal

Canada, USA…you would be hard pressed to find a better rivalry in the sporting world, one that is fierce across all sports. While both countries may naturally associate this storied opposition with hockey, women’s soccer may be where we see the second most intense installment, and we have one game to thank for that.  ThereContinue reading “Rivalry Revisited: Setting the Stage for Canada-USA Semifinal”