Oksana Chusovitina: A Gymnastics Icon

Gymnastics is an extremely difficult and demanding sport, requiring strength, flexibility, stamina, and balance. As such, the athletes competing at an elite level are generally younger in age. For women’s gymnastics in particular the typical age range is very finite, as Olympic athletes are most often between age 16 and their mid-20’s. Given these demographics,Continue reading “Oksana Chusovitina: A Gymnastics Icon”

Rivalry Revisited: Setting the Stage for Canada-USA Semifinal

Canada, USA…you would be hard pressed to find a better rivalry in the sporting world, one that is fierce across all sports. While both countries may naturally associate this storied opposition with hockey, women’s soccer may be where we see the second most intense installment, and we have one game to thank for that.  ThereContinue reading “Rivalry Revisited: Setting the Stage for Canada-USA Semifinal”

Shot Clock Summaries: Olympic Men’s Basketball, Team USA Edition

After a rocky start, Team USA is looking to get back on track in Tokyo. Though they’ve only played two games so far, each one has had a different look. After a frustrating loss to France, they were able to bounce back against Iran. Shot Clock Summaries is here to give you some key takeawaysContinue reading “Shot Clock Summaries: Olympic Men’s Basketball, Team USA Edition”

Tennis in Tokyo: Women’s Quarterfinals Preview, Men’s Third Round

Tennis in Tokyo has been moving along with some upsets and quick matches. The women are set to begin their quarterfinals tonight, meanwhile, the men are just beginning the third round. Catch up with all the action and what to expect right here. Women’s Singles Quarterfinal Matchup #1: Pavlyuchenkova vs Bencic The first quarterfinal matchContinue reading “Tennis in Tokyo: Women’s Quarterfinals Preview, Men’s Third Round”

Tennis in Tokyo: Young WTA Stars Shine, Top ATP Players Dominate

Tennis in Tokyo may have turned some of us into nocturnal human beings, but if you’re just catching up in the morning, we’ve got you covered on the women’s and men’s side. Young Canadian Leylah Fernandez was the first Canadian to go through while Felix Auger- Aliassime bowed out, and we had some familiar facesContinue reading “Tennis in Tokyo: Young WTA Stars Shine, Top ATP Players Dominate”