UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final Draw

The Round of 16 had many ups-and-downs throughout. The top three teams advance with (almost) no issues. Bayern Munich dominated RB Salzburg in the second leg to take it 8-2 on aggregate. Manchester City’s first leg drubbing of Sporting CP was more then enough to advance. Liverpool had a bit of a nail biter situationContinue reading “UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final Draw”

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg Wrap Up

A rule change was created for this year’s Champions League knockout rounds, the removal of the away goals. Surprisingly, after the first leg, there are only two teams that would prefer to have that rule back in place for this campaign. Sporting CP is taking a five-nil score on aggregate into the Etihad Stadium inContinue reading “UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg Wrap Up”

UEFA Championships League Round of 16 First Leg Wrap Up

A new rule added to this year’s addition in the UEFA Champions League playoff is the removal of the away goal. Goals, whether they are scored at home or away, are equivalent to a single goal on aggregate. Therefore, the importance of scoring the goal at your opponent’s pitch does not exist. The controversial drawContinue reading “UEFA Championships League Round of 16 First Leg Wrap Up”

Controversial Champions League Draw

It seemed to be a weekend of controversy surrounding the sports world. The events in Formula One may have been overshadowed by the Round of 16 draw in the UEFA Champions League. Conspiracy theorists would assume there was match fixing when Lionel Messi’s PSG squad was drawn to play against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United inContinue reading “Controversial Champions League Draw”