The Squad

Meet the team of passionate female sport journalists that make Unbenched Sports the platform that it is. Follow us as we find our voices and perspectives both in and out of the field we have chosen to tackle.

Casey Dobson

Founder and Managing Editor

A lifelong sports fan, Casey’s family will tell you that she was built to cover sports. By pursuing sports journalism, Casey hopes to not only bring stories and insights to fans everywhere, but to also break down the stereotypes surrounding women in sports media so the next generation never has to feel the way she did: like the world you know you were born for doesn’t want to let you in.

Duaa Rizvi

Co-Director of Hockey Content

Growing up an athlete, you could usually find Duaa on the ice or the basketball court. Continuing her passion off the ice, Duaa is currently a third-year journalism student at Ryerson University. She aspires to a career in broadcast journalism so that she can show young girls that there is space for women of colour in the newsroom.

Crina Mustafa

Director of Basketball and Tennis Content

After going to her first Toronto Raptors NBA game in 2012, Crina fell in love with the game of basketball. Looking to challenge this male-dominated field, she hopes to work in sport media through video production and on air talent. One day, Crina hopes to work in the NBA for her favorite team, the Toronto Raptors.

Mikayla Guarasci

Social Media Manager

From a young age, Mikayla’s life revolved around sports. Between playing and watching, she could never get enough. She decided years ago to pursue a career in sport media and has been working towards that goal every since. Mikayla has been writing about various topics including sports and music for many years. She is passionate about creating equal opportunities for everyone and breaking stereotypes surrounding women in sports.

Noelani Maynard

CoDirector of Hockey Content

Hockey has been the epicenter of Noelani’s life since she can remember. After flying thousands of miles just to watch her favourite hockey team and writing weekly NHL game coverage articles, Noelani seeks to pursue a career in sport media and build up a reputation in the male-dominated industry. She ultimately hopes to be an NHL broadcaster while simultaneously encouraging young girls to pursue a career in sports.

Krissy Draper

Hockey Contributor

Hockey has been a part of Krissy’s life for as long as she can remember. She grew up playing, reffing, and coaching girls hockey; having her early world revolve around hockey is a trend that has continued to this day. While academic interests drew her towards a different direction when it came to University, she hopes to eventually return to the world of sports and work in the hockey history field in the future while simultaneously advocating for women in sports.

Christina Flores-Chan

Podcast Co-Host

Christina’s been playing sports her whole life, from running 10ks to training and competing in dance (ballet, jazz, etc.). She’s seen the way sports can bring a community together and the stories worth telling in the industry, and hopes to one day tell those stories, as well as amplify women-in-sport voices, as an on-air sports reporter. 

Brittney Cabral

Multi-Sport Contributor

Sports have dominated Brittney’s life. From playing hockey at the age of 6 through university where she played with the Brock Badgers Women’s Hockey team to watching almost every sport. She is an elementary school teacher who wants to show her students that women can be kick ass physical education teachers and have a career in sports. 

Mel Gil

Graphic Designer

Growing up surrounded by sports from a young age, Mel fell in love with the Toronto Raptors and aspires to work for them in the future in a position that involves either writing, graphic design, videography, or interviewing. She is entering her first year of Sport Media and hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the industry which prioritizes the representation of women, people of colour, & inclusivity as a whole.

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